The Milk Collective


Milk Broadcast offers a fresh and dynamic approach to managing the careers of broadcast talent in an ever-evolving media landscape.

Our team is led by a dynamic group of agents utilising their years of vast experience to build successful careers within the broadcast sector. We proactively seek out and secure a wide range of opportunities across TV, radio, podcasts, press and publishing for our talent.

At Milk Broadcast, our roster includes both experienced and developing broadcast talent. We know that one approach does not fit all, and we focus on providing a unique and personalised service to each talent that is strategically aligned with their long-term career goals.

We collaborate closely with all divisions within The MiLK Collective to offer a wealth of commercial and corporate opportunities for our broadcast talent alongside their media careers. We strategically create meaningful relationships with brands and partners across a variety of sectors including but not limited to fashion, lifestyle, tech, travel, beauty, and sports. At Milk Broadcast, we aim to create a positive and creative environment where each talent and their professional careers can flourish.