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Lucy O’Rourke

Lucy O’Rourke is a keen runner who documents her running journey for personal enjoyment and to encourage others to get involved

Lucy’s positive and energetic personality shines through in all her content. Lucy discovered a new passion when she started running in April of 2023. She completed a half marathon the following month and has been documenting her fitness and running journey on her social channels ever since. She is on a mission to feel good and shares how she fits her training into her daily life. She hopes to inspire people to get up and out and get their bodies moving, to discover the mind and body connection.

Her fitness routines are designed to be accessible and inclusive, encouraging people of all fitness levels to join in and start their own fitness journeys. She emphasises the importance of self-care and self-love and believes that exercise is not just about physical health, but also about improving mental well-being.

Lucy’s passion for fitness and positivity extends beyond social media. She actively participates in local fitness events and collaborates with other fitness enthusiasts and professionals to create engaging and informative content. When Lucy is not creating content or training for her next marathon, she enjoys travelling and exploring new outdoor activities. She also loves spending quality time with her friends and family.

With her infectious energy and genuine desire to make a difference, Lucy is a rising star in the fitness community. With her highly engaged audience across TikTok and Instagram she continues to inspire and motivate her followers, spreading her message of self-care, perseverance, and personal growth.