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Mama Still Got It x Debut Book

Mama Still Got it X Debut Book

Mama Still Got It (Louise Boyce) released her debut book in June 2023 called “Mama Still Got It! How To Get Through the Calpol Years Without Losing Yourself”. Louise’s book, which was published by Harper Collins, has been an incredible success and is a top 10 Sunday Times Bestseller.

In her book, Louise gives an insight into being a mum of three, the hectic school year antics, whilst also providing a lot of laughter along the way. From drop-kicking the kids through the school gates in September, to the perils of using a public loo with your toddler, via the existential dread of an unexpected nursery call to tell you ‘there’s nothing to worry about’ (sure), this book covers all the highs and lows of modern motherhood.