The Milk Collective

Nadeem Perera

London born Nadeem is a presenter, author, model, football coach and activist.

He is consistently channelling his passions into the best possible projects. As a founding member of Flock Together which started as a bird watching club back in 2020, he has since become a leading figure in redefining how people can get involved in nature, creating an inclusive community and delivering a focus and message that has reached thousands. This background in wildlife production has given him a brilliant foundation and because of this Nadeem has worked with likes of Barbour. Gucci x North and Timberland partnering with these brilliant brands and creating content in his unique way.

Nadeem is a talent with bags of personality and a growing audience. With 6 years experience as a youth football coach, he knows exactly how to connect with a young and engaged audience.  This is very much reflected into a new ventures with e-sports having collaborated with a major UK Twitch streamer to deliver an in-game nature walk live on stream. Nadeem is a new and exciting voice with an aim to give back and get people talking.