The Milk Collective

Rhiannon Bailey

Rhiannon Bailey is a dancer, model and health & wellness coach.

Rhiannon’s smiley, motivating and positive attitude has inspired thousands of women to get their bodies moving “for the power of their minds”.

Being able to transfer her skills as an ex-professional dancer and performer, she hosts monthly events as Technogym’s leading wellness ambassador, has modelled for top fitness brands such as Puma, Reebok and New Balance. Her involvement in the health and wellness world has also attracted many brands such as MyProtein, M&S, and Under Armour to work with her on her own digital platform.

There is a realness about Rhiannon that makes her very relatable and genuine. She isn’t shy to share her naivety as she tries something new – training for her first marathon, solo-travelling to Bali to complete her yoga teacher training course, delving into the triathlon world, renovating her first house. And this is what makes Rhiannon’s content so fresh and entertaining as her story-telling vlog style videos take you on each journey as she shares her experience to inspire others to do the same! ‘You CAN do hard things’.

Later this year is launching her first podcast with her boyfriend Tom Trotter as they delve into the world of renovating their first house! An exciting time for an exciting talent and we are so delighted to be on this journey with her!