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Rosie Mansfield

Rosie Mansfield is an experienced and charismatic TV presenter-producer.

Rosie (she/they) is one of a very small handful of non-binary lesbian TV hosts in the UK and uses their platform to highlight and normalise the experience of being non-binary.

As a Cornish born, London-living, British-Australian, Rosie’s passion is TV, from watching Blue Peter and Art Attack as a child to finding a place in front of a camera, exploring real lives and real people.

Rosie’s love of travelling led them to set up home on Sydney’s Manly Beach, and a career on Australian TV followed, hosting shows such as Good Chef, Bad Chef, Studio 10 and TVSN. Returning to London post-Covid, it is Rosie’s warm signature sense of humour, positive outlook and infectious curiosity that makes them effortlessly charming to viewers.

As a trained nutritionist, life-long vegetarian and avid cyclist, Rosie enjoys focusing on health and wellbeing, and praises the benefits of being able to break free from fast paced city life and adopting sustainable, slow living practices, with Rosie loving nothing better than escaping London with her bike and embarking on a rewilding adventure out to the countryside.

With nearly 300 episodes under their belt, Rosie comes armed with a distinguished expertise in outdoor lifestyle, rural living, property and nutrition, as well as personal passions for water sports, road cycling, and women in sport.

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